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Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year

G'Day Family and Happy New Year!!

It was so good to hear from all of you and to hear you are all doing well.  I am doing so well and loving every minute I have with Elder Imeson. This New Years was pretty different for me haha.  We just had a normal day of visiting people and teaching a few Investigators and then we had to be in by 8:00 because of all the crazy people in Australia.  They had fireworks for families at 9:00 in the park which is fairly close to our flat so we climbed up on our Roof and watched the fireworks then went to bed haha.  It was a very different New Years but it was good.  I am so jealous you get to spend all that time with the little guys! (Leo and Thomas)  They are so cute. 

This week has been soo Hot!!  It is crazy how hot it gets here.  But things are going pretty good.  The work is very hard in Taree and finding people that are humble is a struggle so we are just doing everything we can to find people to teach.  We actually added 4 New Investigators the other day.  They are a family from India, Kerala.  They are the most loving humble people I have ever met.  They said they had to move from India 3 years ago because of religion and they believed in Christ and were going to be killed!  They are a young couple with two kids, ages 1 and 3 Their parents live with them as well who speak 0 english! haha  We love trying to talk to the older man (Yosup) because he is the happiest person alive and loves that we talk about Jesus.  He always invites us in and slaps the couch really hard, meaning for us to sit down and then gets us a drink of what is supposed to be water... I'm not sure what it is :/ hahaa  They have some really good questions and are open to everything we share with them.  The struggle will be language and just reading the Book of Mormon.  They haven't published a book in their language (Malayalam).  They are awesome and we are just working with them.  Another Investigator that is coming along pretty well is Tanya!  We have been on and off with her because of her bi-polar and many other mental illnesses but the past two weeks we have been able to have a lesson almost every other day and she has done fairly well.  It has changed her life being able to just relax and listen to our message. We are working toward baptism with her but it stresses her out to set a date.  We are hope it will be this month but it might be next with what she has going on in her life.  We counted 16 Investigators that we have but only about 6 or 7 of them do we regularly teach and work with.  The others are always gone or just flaky.  If Riles or Dad have any suggestions I am open to them.  We are just trying to be a bit more bold with them but more loving at the same time and really trying to understand where they are coming from. 


I have officially overcome my fear of nursing/mental homes!  We have a member who is 97 and she is not doing well.  She has been in the Hospital for several weeks and finally got moved to a mental nursing home.  We have visited her a couple times and we always stop and talk to the other people there.  They are all such nice people and so OLD!!!  I have overcome that fear though!  Some of those people have the most interesting stories haha But it has been good :)

This Morning we had a really good study on the Godhead and how they work and things like that in the Old Testament.  It is just insane how it all works and how Christ is the Lord in the Old Testament.  We discussed Kolob and exaltation.  It is incredible how much we cannot comprehend.  We can talk about things like that but truly can't even fathom it.  It made me think of Mosiah 4:9 in a different way with much more knowledge and respect and some understanding.  

I love you all so much. The Church is true. Have an amazing week and be safe!

Love, Alex 

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