Serving in the Sydney North Australia Mission

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Land of Miracles

G'day Family! How are you all? It is really good to hear from each of you. Sounds like things are going well. I am a bit jealous of each of you right now that you have seen conference already. I really miss it and can't wait for it to come this weekend. I love it so much. It has had a big influence in my life on the mission, both for myself as well as for the people we are working with. Pretty insane.

I hope everything is going well though. This week we have had an incredible week. Salwa is doing incredibly good! She is completely changed! We have been trying to see her almost every day and just help her become very solid. It is amazing what baptism, simply making a promise with God can do in our lives. That has brought me heaps of joy as I have been able to see her change and be happy. That is the gospel. That is what it does for us.

Here is Salwa at her baptism:

We have been working with a Samoan family, Sai and Faia Tofilau. They have been in contact with the church for a long time and they have members in there extended family who are members of the church. One of the miracles that happened that I thought was so incredible was earlier in the week we had got heaps of Samoan food from a member and we had a prompting to just stop by and say Hello to Sai and Faia and give them some of the food. Well we got there and dropped it off. He didn't want to take it as typical Samoan's don't like accepting food or anything especially from us missionaries... But he did and we left.. Well last night we popped by again and had the most powerful lesson with just Sai. He told us of many things that have happened and how he knows the church is true. He knows he needs to get baptized and to do this for his family. He then told us that his wife and kids had left the night we had come over and dropped off the food. She had taken all the food for there auntie who was ill. There was nothing to eat at his home and he hadn't eaten all day. He was praying and asking God to give him something.. A couple minutes later, The Elders knock on the door and give him a bag of food. Heavenly Father really used us to provide him with an answer this week.

He was so grateful for us and what we had done. His testimony of us as missionaries and of God is incredible. It was so cool to hear about this experience he had. That added to my testimony that we don't always know what happens when we do something for someone till later.. Sometimes not at all.
It has been an incredible week. I am reminded every day of Heavenly Fathers love for each of his children. We as missionaries and in life in general don't have to be perfect. In fact we won't be. But as we repent every night and show Father in Heaven we are willing to change and do better he will allow us to succeed and be happy through our Desire. I know this is true.

I love you all so much. I look forward to conference this coming weekend. You are all in my prayers!

Love, Alex :)

Here is a picture of Alex with Dorothy DeCorso.  Alex was in Dorothy's ward for a while and she paid us a visit this summer when she was traveling to Utah.